One Year later, HIV gets better

In February 2014 we met up with Wyndham to talk about his life story, which might be just a little bit different than yours. Wyndham was born in California, grew up in Michigan and moved to Berlin a couple of years ago. He works as a digital strategic planner at a local agency. Also he is HIV+ and was kind enough to answer all our questions on the topic. He couldn‘t have been more open speaking about everything from his medication to seeking therapy and starting dating again. It really helped us get a better understanding of the virus and what it means to live with it nowadays. You can read the full interview here.

Today is World AIDS Day 2014. Exactely one year ago Wyndham started to #CHANGETHEFACE of HIV. It was the first time he shared his story publicly in order to raise awareness. Since then he has gotten so much warm and moving feedback, that he decided to send a lovely message to everyone whom it may concern. One year „out“ as HIV+ these are his encouraging words:

By the way, Wyndham is also up for dating. One may not let the opportunity pass to spend his time with such a lovely fella. Thanks Wendy for meeting up with us again. Keep up the good work. You are fucking inspiring. ♥


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