Sarah | 28 | Berlin


Imagine this: You’re walking down the roads of your Kiez to meet a friend. All of a sudden you spot a beautiful wooden desk in the middle of the pavement. What do you do? Do you: A) Keep walking. You just went to IKEA the other day. B) Shed a little tear. It’s a lovely table but you’re supposed to meet someone and it looks really heavy. C) Screw everything else! You cancel your plans, sit on the table and wait for someone who looks strong enough to help you. C you say? Splendid. Keep reading because you will love Sarah! We meet Sarah at her beautiful Neukölln apartment. First sympathy point? At Sarah’s house, coffee is served in big mugs. And as we admire her interior design and secretly hope for some home depot shopping tips, we learn that she has made almost all of it herself. Yes, even that awesome lamp with the slides of Berlin! We are a little less disappointed with our own decorative skills when we find out that she actually does this for a living. Now we’re just impressed. And when she says she enjoys her job so much because she likes the idea of sitting on a plane, looking down on people’s houses and knowing, that she may have transformed some of these homes into spaces people feel comfortable and safe in we are also a little bit in love. And because one super cool job just isn’t enough, Sarah is also an actual real life DJ. Stop hogging the awesomeness, Sarah, us regular people have to live too! In all seriousness though, she not only electronics (I would say rocks, but knowing the current musical preferences in Berlin I just wouldn’t feel right about that) Berlin’s biggest nightclubs, she also has her very own Radio Show on BLN.FM. She even has a super awesome DJ Name: “NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND” (YET! – Editor’s note for the sake of this being a platform that is all about love and stuff.) Take that DJ Bobo! (I mean, seriously? Did that seem like a good idea at the time?) According to Sarah, the name is a statement in a field of work that is quite the “boys club”. If I had a penny for every time I want to write awesome in this article…


Unless you had your head stuck in the sand for the past 5 minutes, you may have noticed, that Sarah is a rather busy bee. While most of us are really rather proud of ourselves if we manage to get up in the morning, go to our one and only job and – on a good day – make some dinner before collapsing on the sofa with a duvet and Netflix, Sarah miraculously manages two jobs, a social life, a cat, Yoga AND she recently quit smoking. (If this keeps going, I’ll have enough to buy myself an ice cream soon!) And when she DOES Netflix and chill, it’s with documentaries. Because, you know, awesome. (KA-CHING!) While most busy bees prefer the company of similarly minded flying insects, this Irish born and Canadian raised cosmopolitan, actually prefers Berlin’s relaxed and laid back vibe to that of other cities such as London. “When I lived there, I always felt that people actually loved to be busy just so they could talk about being so very busy. I feel as though in Berlin, you can breathe much more freely.” But even in Berlin finding that certain special someone in a sea of ordinary anybodys can prove to be rather difficult. “I tried Tinder, but it just never worked. Someone might be objectively good looking, but what I really care about is the chemistry you have with people.” And what is she looking for in a relationship? “I think it’s important that you challenge and encourage each other but also make each other laugh.” A last fun fact about Sarah? If she could have any superpower in the world, she would like to know what people were thinking. So far that hasn’t happened though, so you’ll have lots to talk about on your first date!


Falls Du hier nicht alles verstanden hast aber Sarah trotzdem genau so toll findest wie wir, mach dir keine Sorgen. Sie fängt diesen Monat einen Deutschkurs an! Und was ist romantischer als Tandem-Dating?



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IRA UND JULE haben meistens viel vor. Deshalb haben sie es auch noch nicht geschafft, ein Foto zusammen zu machen. Aber diese Woche geht's los! Versprochen! Das wird hot, hot, hot. Abgesehen davon mögen sie Prosecco. Und Kekse. Und freuen sich schon total darauf, mit Pfeil, Bogen, Flügeln und Windeln durch Berlin zu pilgern und Amor zu spielen. Kitsch mögen sie nämlich auch! Iras wundertolle Fotos gibt es auf ihrer Webseite zu bestaunen und bei Instagram. <3